One Year in Northern Norway

Øistein and I have spent the past 9 months living in Northern Norway. First in the municipality of Gratangen from August 15 – February 15 and now on Vestvågøy, the middle island of the Lofoten archipelago.  While Øistein has been completing his practical work as a Physical Therapist, I have been teaching in order to keep myself busy living in relatively “rural” municipalities. The experience has been phenomenal and we feel lucky to have been able to live in such beautiful places. As we now transition to the summer solstice, it is remarkable to think about the months we spent this winter without sun. It is not that different from life in Alaska or mid-Norway, but is certainly spectacular. A few days ago, the midnight sun officially appeared, only emphasizing that too much time has elapsed since I last updated this blog. In lieu of writing about all of the fun we have had these past months, I will instead post a link to my Flickr page to share with you my photos from our adventures. I will try and be better about updating my blog in the coming months as we continue to enjoy life above the Arctic Circle. Enjoy the photos posted below!


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