Spring arrives (a.k.a post-Birkebeiner)

After the Birke was finished, several large changes occurred, just in time for SPRING and the long awaited daylight increase.

1) New home! The end of March I moved back to the apartment I lived in last Spring, only I switched places with the girl I lived with perviously and am now living with someone new. It is so nice switching to living closer to the city and being in such a nice apartment – I really love it.

2) Bike Commuter once more! A huge dumping of snow the last week of March threatened my plan to start bike commuting by April 1st. Fortunately, some beautiful days of sun melted enough so that I started April 4th. This also meant some great days skiing in the sun with Øistein who was visiting. It was “påske stemning” (easter atmosphere) at its best! (Which is good because Easter is so late this year there probably will not be any skiing left.)
3) NORTHBOUND. Øistein found out that he is going to have his residency-internship year way up north in the provinces of Troms (Gratangen) and Nordland (Gravdal in Lofoten). This is super exciting news, and although I am not sure about work opportunities, I am so excited for such a grand adventure. It is going to be REALLY cool up there.

4) Balanced schedule. As of April I started working fewer hours at the International School, to only 2 afternoons a week. This is helping with overall balanced life, and focus on my thesis. Time is of the essence, says my advisor, so I needed to simplify. I also have reduced my training hours and am being more effective with the biking. There are some long and heavy days ahead, but, like in the Birke, have to bite my teeth together and stay focused.


One thought on “Spring arrives (a.k.a post-Birkebeiner)

  1. So cool you guys are in the Lofoten area! Wow, that’s an area I’ve dreamed of going to, and now that you guys are there, I plan on it!

    love, papa

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