Østersund: Reunion with Matt!

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my old friend Matt Johnson in Østersund, Sweden while he was there as head coach of the US cross country ski J1 team from. I took the train early Saturday (3 hours) and dropped off my things at the hostel near the station. There was more snow there than in Trondheim so I was happy! Matt came and picked me up with my ski stuff, and we headed to the awesome Camp Sodergren where he was staying with the team. During a quick ski with Matt I got some great classic technique tips (apparently my double pole is “old school”). Matt is a great coach and great skier, it was so nice to be around that again! In the evening, we took a team adventure to the city and it was fun getting to know the kiddies. I went home to my (sketchy) hostel and Sunday morning was again picked up just in time for a pancake breakfast (delicious) and another ski with Matt and the other coaches, Kate and Pete. It was great! The conditions were funky, but company made up for it. Afterwards, we returned to the city for a coffee and then it was time to bid farewell! A short reunion, but totally worth it. I wish I could see more of Matt, but it was so great to see him “in action” in his new life as an awesome coach. I hope we meet again soon, Matty!


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