an off day

In the afternoons I work at an international school in the after school program. The kids are between the ages of 5 to 8, most of them around 6. Generally speaking they are delightful. The refreshing perspective of the world combined with a phenomenal ability to learn, adapt, and just BE make for a perfect break from the adult world. Then, there are somedays when they are just off. Today was one of those days. Crying & stubborn they blame each other for “he did hurt me” (side note, most speak English as second language); one second laughing, the other kicking. It can seem as if these swings come from nowhere, they are irrational…and don’t even try to rationalize!!! Yet… is this so different from adult-land? Not really, we just filter the urge to kick, scream, and say NO with crossed arms. As much as I would like to think that I can behave like a 6 year old – and sometimes I know I do – generally speaking adults cover up these off-days with other strange signals and emotions that can be confusing to those around us. We all have OFF days, yes, inexplicably and terribly. Yet, just like kids, we dust off our knees and keep playing tag.


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