Goodbye Switzerland

l'escalade celebration - breaking the chocolare

On December 19 I left Geneva, Switzerland after four  months of fun at my internship at the UN (Conference on Trade and Development). December is such a great month, and the Swiss did it well. It was unusually snowy, in fact I think one of the snowiest Decembers in Geneva’s history whichmade it very beautiful. In early December I participated in a great running race (5k) called L’Escalade which was a tour through Geneva’s old town. It is in part of the celebration the city has of the attack of the French on Geneva in 1602. The race was great, especially completed with my roommate Iva.  There were thousands of people running and cheering, be it in French. I also went to the Monreux Christmas market which was beautiful as well. The following weekend,

the UN hosted a holiday party which was quite the blast and then several interns went skiing! This included teaching some friends how to ski, which is always a fun time. By this point, much of the snow had melted, but we were lucky to have a nice day anyways. I will have to go back o the alps to ski again!!! After these escapades, I was forced to settle in for a few weeks of hard work, despite plans to visit an old friend in Austria. Too much work needed to be done on the project I submitted to my university on foreign direct investment in

goose liver and fig chutney

renewable energy (ask me for more details). On the 17th, I wrapped everything up  at the UN and started the process of saying goodbye to the dear people I had met along the way. A highlight was a gorgeous dinner that my landlady Isabelle made for Iva and me – it was truly gourmet! One thing I miss about Switzerland is the phenomenal food….!!! Also, I bid farewell to my old friend Noemie and other Geneva pals. I am not sure where or when I will see these friends again, but hope that someday our paths will cross. To see more photos from November/December in la Suisse CLICK HERE


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