Back in Trondheim

perfect skiing conditions... until mid January

Voss- view from Øisteins living room

In January I returned to Trondheim to complete my master thesis. I am living in a new apartment, in a collective student house, where I have my own living room and bedroom. It is cozy, but more isolated than expected. Life has quickly picked up where I left it last Spring semester. I have settled into a great routine: school, work, ski! I am working 2 hours a week at an international school at their afterschool program. It is nice to have an added income again and little kids to make me laugh. I spend mornings working on my thesis at the university. I am writing about international climate change policy, naturally, as it is my favorite topic. (More details on thesis to come) Otherwise, life revolves around skiing when possible. The skiing has been perfect in Trondheim the past weeks, but sadly a warm spell has just hit and made the city an ice rink. I think the trails are skiable – but I am not sure how to get there in my ski boots! Normally I walk to the trail (15min), but the path I take is sheer ice! Tomorrow: buy ice grippers! I am training hard right now to get ready for the Birkebeiner on March 19. This past weekend (January 14-17) I visited Øistein in Voss (1 hour train ride from Bergen) where he is completing a round of obligatory physical therapy internship. It was a great time – great to see him. We will meet again in a few weeks for a ski race in Røros, which I am already looking forward to. I am so happy to be skiing again!! It is wonderful to have this routine back in my life again. I just hope that the rain and above freezing temps don’t ruin it all! Keep your fingers crossed and klister ready in the mean time.


One thought on “Back in Trondheim

  1. nice photos Anna! voss looks great. if it makes you feel better we’ve had marginal ski conditions here around the house for almost a month. just did stewart trail…very marginal. But, hillside is v.good. going to alyeska with peter tonight.

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