grüezi mitenand!

Hello! In the past month I have had some nice adventures in Switzerland and around the Geneva area. I visited the German speaking part of the country, to see my mom’s AFS sister from 40 years ago, Les of South Africa who lives in Zurich. It was incredible! Then, I stayed with my friend Noemie nearby who was an AFS student in Alaska in 2003-04. I love these AFS connections! Also in November, I visited Øistein and family in Oslo. I made a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner (first time by myself). Now that December has arrived, the snow did as well! We are back to rain now, but the snow really heralded in the holiday season. I am now happily listening to Christmas music all day long and longing for vacation! I finish up the internship on the 17th, and head back to Norway the 19th. Only 45 pages to write in the mean time…. Until the next time (andapologies on the long hiatus) all the best from la Suisse….


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