petit à petit

How does one get out of a nearly two-month funk? Well that is the question I have not yet answered but hope at some point I figure out. Between still working on a project for AYEA (but getting closer!!!), the online class lectures I am supposed to be following, and attempting to figure out my masters thesis, it would seem right now that my life is stuck in pause mode when it needs to be running on hyper-drive. Somehow, miraculously, I have managed to visit the mountains and enjoy some sun, in addition to seeing lovely Øistein and even a fellow Alaskan. I am not sure how I motivate myself to do these activities, but I guess my soul needs some piste more than actually figuring my life out. This doesn’t make sense, since obviously if I could sort things out, everything would be a lot easier. But I suppose sometimes that is just how life works, eh?

The work days fly by – full of interesting conversations, work, and colleagues. In the meantime, there are few those hours outside of the work day where things just don’t seem to happen so quickly. ( I am sure I not alone in thinking this.) The pace of life is continually go-stop. A “Mad Men” episode here, a train commute there, a hectic grocery trip, a chocolate bar, a pleasant run. Suddenly it is Friday. A day adventure in crazy mountains. And then Sunday. Which leaves us here…

When does it all really start happening?

ON this note, I leave you the link to photos from my weekend adventures, that are actually quantifiable through image. The rest of the week is just too abstract to document.


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