Blümlialpshütte Adventure

nearing the hut on friday night at around 7. it had started to snow about one hour previously. here is me saying "seriously?"

the hut caretaker guided all the guests down the mountain, regardless of other plans. given that the steep and difficult trail was completely covered with windblown snow, we all appreciated his expert help.

On Friday, Øistein and I embarked on an adventure in the alps as an early birthday celebration. Despite the terrible weather forecast, we decided after 30 days of rain in AK this summer we could deal with it. Well, rain turned to snow. Check out my flickr album for more pictures from the trip, which had to be cut 2 days short. I guess when you want adventure, you get it. I am impressed by Switzerland’s unpredictability. Maybe on parr with Alaska? It was a disappointment to be forced to quit the trip. Although we missed out on the beauty of the alps, we certainly experienced them on a different level. More details will follow later!


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