“Brain, please push Yellow FLEXIBLE Button.”

me, pathetically searching for french words in my pathetic dictionary and a restaurant. the bill please?

Written on September 10, 2010. Generally speaking, I despise it when things take a unnecessarily long time to be completed, or when they are not efficient. Well, here, it seems this is nearly impossible. I am constantly functioning on a 10% level of knowledge, just hoping that somehow I will make it where I want to go. Now, I am sure that for many world travelers, it may seem silly to be saying this given that I am in one of the world’s supposedly most organized countries. But sometimes even organization takes getting used to. And, I will say, that even Swiss people say that Geneva has a whole other “thing” going. Regardless of where one goes, however, I think that for a control freak going to a new place is a test of resilience. I think that the brain user manual should read something like this: “when functioning on a limited amount of information about a given situation, please push the yellow FLEXIBLE button. this will enable a greater threshold of enjoyment for the period of time in which information is lacking.”

Ok. clearly, this button has not been pushed. And, clearly, judging by my idea of a MANUAL TO MY BRAIN I think I can confidently say I am a slightly anal.

A factor for lack of information about my surroundings/situation: I am FED UP with the French. I would say that most of the time it is fine….. that is, until you want to start interacting with anyone besides UN people. And then it gets annoying. embarrassing and flat out obnoxious. Today I think I used about 1.5 hours trying to converse with the grandmother at the house about pieces of information, clarifying bits of knowledge, that A) I did not need clarified/did not need to be discussed and B) Had we been able to speak the same language would have taken 5 minutes. I think that this i where my AFS skills come in handy… or don’t. What Norwegian doesn’t speak ANY English??????? How lucky was I (am I) that no matter WHAT happens somebody in the vicinity generally knew what I was trying to say? OH MY GOD. this is so frustrating. I mean for someone who likes to talk, it is pretty annoying that all I can say are a string of random nouns and adjectives and LIMITED verbs that are not conjugated. I seriously do not even know how to say WHO WHAT WHEN OR WHY.

Anyway, it is a really good experience, one that I know many people go through all the time, I have just fortunately not had to do it for awhile — and one could actually argue — ever. So, I shouldn’t complain. END OF COMPLAINING ABOUT FRENCH BLOG POST.


One thought on ““Brain, please push Yellow FLEXIBLE Button.”

  1. Anna! I would probably have exactly the same anxiety. I feel your frustration. BUT! A brain that can pick up and L2 can pick up an L3 much more easily. You have fluency in two languages already. Your third should be a snap; so get crack-a-lackin’, Slacker! 🙂

    Missing you big time.
    Your Life Coach

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