au revoir america

goodbye sunset from near our house

Had a great last few days in Alaska and New England. Saying goodbye to home was, as always, difficult, especially when no return ticket exists. Alas, I know I will be back– someday! On my way over the Atlantic I

blueberry picking with heidi

tuuli - in the wind

visited some old Colby friends in Maine (Thank you Liz and Andy for warm and wonderful hospitality) in a beautiful house and farm. Karina and Jeff were kind to drive me around and helped me make it back to Boston where I stayed with Aunt Marcia.  I was lucky to be able to meet up with Aunt Janet, Nain, Cousin Andrew & Ashley for dinner – it was lovely to see them!

liz, andy, karina, me in maine

Then, had a great time visiting and eating with Alyssa

alyssa, me, katie on katie's boat in boston

and Katie who live in Boston. I will have to go back again soon- to see other people I didn’t catch up with and to reconnect with the ones I did.

Anna and Nain

Thanks to everyone for a great send-off!

aunt janet, anna, nain, aunt marcia, andrew in boston


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